Cheque bounce

Dear Sir, Good Morning I am ravi and am curretly in dubai. I  would like to enquire about the cheque bounce case. My friend has borrowed mony from me 1 1/2 years back. We made a document while giving the money. We went the police station and complaint as he did not want to return the money. The police asked him to come to the station and my friend had handed over the cheque for 6 lakhs. He had given the written letter that he the can be cleared within 3 months. We submitted the after 3 months but the cheque was bounced. We filed the case against him and sent the notice through a lawyer but notice was returned and it was not collected. As the lawyer is not speeding up this case what will be the solution to go further. Since i am in dubai the case was filed by my father and cheque was given on my fathers name. My friend in coimbatore and we are in krishnagiri. My father is aged person and he travelled to coimbatore 3 times for this case in this court. As per our lawyer the case has been transferred to Krishnagiri with a new law. When we enquire about the case the lawyer says he has not received a file. My friend is a government servant and has also one more cheque bouncing Case that is filed by others. He has cheated many of my friends. Appreciated if can advice in this situation Thanks Ravi