Money not dispensed by the atm but deducted from account

I have PNB Savings bank A/c in Kaushambi Branch of Ghaziabad. On 13.12.2014. and on 17.12.2014, I had withdrawn only Rs 10000 on each day, but 20000rs was deducted on each day. In the above two occasions initially I tried to withdraw 15000Rs but the ATM did not respond, then I cancelled everything.No receipt was issued at this time. I made an enquiry that sufficient balance is there and then I re-entered my card and entered reduced amount of 10000 to which the ATM responded and gave me 10000 rs on both the days. I lodged a complaint, with the PNB on 9 Jan 2015, but the bank informed on 4 Feb 2015 that the other bank has informed that h said transaction was successful and rejected the claim and forwarded some atm paper in which I have been shown to have withdrawn twice on 13.12.2014. Bank did not give any reply on the transaction of 17.12.2014. The case was pursued further and bank requested to provide the CCTV footage. On 6.5.2015 bank informed that SBI cctv footages are not available. Complaint was also registered with Banking ombudsman, but on 11.06.2015,it informed that the complaint got disposed, under Requiring consideration of elaborate documentary and oral evidence and the proceedings before the Banking Ombudsman are not appropriate for adjudication of such complaint. I have recently come to know that in some of the ATMs there is problem that when a commend for money in excess of 10000 is given, the money gets stuck in the ATM. My contention is that the concerned bank has not carried out proper investigation and only on the basis of one JP log, they are claiming that the transaction was successful. Further they have not at all investigated the issue of 17.12.2015. Please inform where does my case stand in the consumer court, Is there any chance of steering the case to success.