False dowry harrassment case - anticipated

My son married a girl in 2012 - contact was by matrimonial ad. the parents of the girl suppressed the lunacy of the girl. before marriage the girl used to be confined to asylum for some days frequently whenever the problem surfaced. my son has a child from the wed-lock. there was some behavioural abnormality in her from the very beginning, which we did not take it seriously. as a matter of fact, she used to be taken by her parents of and on by misleading us & under false pretext but actually it was to medicate her and keep her in asylum. after getting temporarily normal she used to be dropped back. on one occasion [in may 2015] she resisted taking her to asylum by her parents & even a police complaint was lodged by her against her parents. her parents were spared at the intervention of a police officer in the neighborhood. [recording of her conversation is available with us]. when the cat came out of the bag & we knew about the matter, the girl was taken by her parents. thereafter they started dowary harrassment case whereas no dowry was asked for in according to the age-old practice in the community and family [ Nair community of Kerala - Trichur Dist.]and can be substantiated from from my other daughter-in-law. please provide valuable guidance in such a situation whether anticipatory bail is advisable. [present status: a legal notice from their advocate]