No Locus standi case

Society secretary and chairman filed a case against me disputing my ownership when actually I have a legal registered agreement with builder. They claim it belonged to my deceased father and I have wrongful registered in my name. Case is completely false mainly for harassment since I have taken up their mismanagement with authority including getting notice of administrator. In first hearing itself judge said they have no locus standi in matter still they continue to pursue file further cases and have gone to extent of not allowing electricity connection to my apartment. Due to unsafe conditions I do not stay there and somehow the electric meter was disconnected so to reconnect I was advised new one due to time delay in payment. Since two years they not allowing MSEB to connect. How can I end this harassment quickly. Have been approaching police registrar but they not acting due to vested interest. Rather than getting into merits of case, can I get case to be dismissed under no locus standi.. None of my family members siblings have complained to society or are disputing Present lawyer does not answer when I ask him to do so. Kindly advise