498A quash or dismissal

My wife filed a false 498A, 406 and 34 against me and my parents and one of aunt in August 2015. The very next day of filing the FIR , my parents and my aunt was released on bail. I got Anticipatory Bail which was then confirmed after three hearings. Now, police says that they have filed chargesheet . This is January 2016 and 6 months. I haven't received any copy of chargesheet. I have copies of FIR and seizure list. I am also a govt job aspirant and have recently got appointment in one of the PSU banks. My question is : 1. What implications could my 498 can have on my job ? I was never arrested and never convicted.Can i be denied appointment? 2. Why is police taking so much time in filing chargesheet and can i file for 498 A quash or dismissal now at this stage of the case? 3. I want 498 to proceed soon ? It is being held for trial in lower court? Will i get chances for a speedy trial if I move to high court ? What will be the monetary requirement to fight this case in High court because I am not an affluent person 4. Also, I have come to gather intel that my wife is currently staying with another person who is married and has a wife and a kid? If i can get proof and present it to the court , will my case get any leverage in quashing or dismissal of 498? Will i get divorce soon as I have also field for a divorce ? 5. Is my lawyer taking too much time to move with my case? Please advice. I cant bear this mental trauma any more or else I will be left with no ways butt o commit suicide and end all this ./ I cant live under a false case pending against me and ruining my life . I want to get out of this soon. Please Help and advise.