Wife seperated- 2months ago

Incident- There is no chemistry between my wife and my father. Both used to quarrel very badly. I am one and only son for parents. Father - Reatired business man, mother- Govt employee, still working. I am working as a team lead in Software company and earning 50 Thousand per month. My wife working in BPO in UK and US shifts and earning 20 Thousand per month. Married 2 and half years back. Situation was like father used to be in room when wife in hall and wife used to be in room when father is in hall. They never saw their faces each other from 2 years, Still fights used to happen between me and her only because of your father done like this, your wife done like this. During this type of fights she hit me and added pepper powder to my eyes and then I also bitted her. She left and went away from home. 2 months over , not yet came back. They are demanding me to have to separate house and to leave my parents. 1. Am I right , if I leave my parents at this old age? 2. Can she claim a maintenance or financial support from me? If yes how much she can claim per month or as one time settlement 3. Is there any law which can help boys also in this india? 4. I have not taken any dowry, still can she claim dowry harassment case since she was working and earning and giving part of her salary for house maintenance?