My bro's wife necked out my mom from her own home and occupied it

Sir, my Brother has filed for divorce and the matter is in Secundrabad court. My brother and his wife used to stayed in Secundrabad. In April 2015, my brother's wife along with her parents came to our native place in Karimnagar on the excuse of having a discussion with our elders and they returned leaving my brother's wife there. Since then she is forcefully staying in our newly constructed home and she even necked out my mother from the home in May 2015 and she is now staying there. A case was booked and FIR was registered on my mother's complaint against my bro's wife. The matter is in court, my bro's wife has not attended the 1st hearing and the next hearing is in March 2016. The land on which our home was built was gifted by my grand father to my mom through a Gift DD and I contributed to majority of the construction of the house. And my bro's contribution was nothing. Now my brother's wife who is forcefully staying there is claiming it as her property and says that she will sell it and take the money as settlement for divorce. Sir, please let us know whether it is possible for her to sell the property and also how we can make her leave the house as my parents are senior citizens and are worried that their life earnings which were spent on the house, will they ever get the chance to stay there.