Domestic violence and divorce

Hello Sir/Madam I am a 30 year female, resident of Telangana State. My husband is a software engineer in Malaysia. We got married in May 2014. After marriage I lived with him for only 3 months. He house arrested and harassed me when in Malaysia. He abused me physically and mentally. I came back to my parents in India and filed a Domestic violence and maintenance case against my husband and in-laws in July 2015. Am an unemployee. Its been 6 months am going around district court. Not even once my husband attended the peshi. He is working at Malaysia right now. He is very rich and has bribed my lawyer. If I file any case in the police, they will bribe the police as well. I don't want to live with him anymore. He is not willing to come to India to take divorce on mutual consent as he is scared that if he comes to India, I will put him in jail (his assumption). He is not willing to pay any compensation to me. Can i file a complaint against him in the Malaysian Consulate? How can I make him come to India to settle this case ? How should I proceed further ? Kindly advice me.