Withdrawal of Sec 498 A not done

Hello Sir, I have taken Mutual consent Divorce on 11th September 2014. This proceedings were done through Womens Cell Gujarat. My wilfe had malicious intentions and filed a case against me and my dad the major case was Section 498 A and it was also published in the Local newspaper. In the MCD agreement it has been clearly mentioned that she will be taking away all the allegations put on me and my dad.As per my knowledge the case has to be quashed in High court but she has only given an undertaking on a plain paper in a local police station about the withdrawal of the case. 1) Now in this event would the case still be pending in the Court as there is no written information given to us. 2) There is no Police came for taking statements, no arrest and no summons at all.But I was able to find out the FIR copy from the metropolitan court by my own contacts. 3) Now i want to claim upon my wife and bring this divorce to null and void as she breached the MCD agreement. How can i do that ? 4) Also i need my daughters custody to be given to me. 5) I also want to file for our names published in the newspaper. 6) She got married without fullfilling the agreement conditions so this act should be compensated.