Personnel injury and financial loss due to beating.

I was sitting by the wall of a personnel society which faces the sea. I was just taking the support of wall & not trespassing their personnel property in any way. Suddenly two-three guys showed up and directly hit me in on the face & then one man suddenly hit me hard with the baton (fiber rod). I just went black & as a natural instinct starterd running away from them. I was taking the road then suddenly other guards of same society showed up from second gate(which was facing the road I was running) & started beating me like mad. My whole body was paining because they (2 or 3) beat me furiously. After they were done i stand up & went direct to police station which was hardly 5 minutes away. The inspector there curiously listened to me & sat with me on rickshaw & got them identified. We (2 GUARDS, inspector & me) then took the same auto & reached the police station.After that we went to other police station. where i was sitting & they were held back. I was clam by that time & demanded money for my financial loss (My mobile was completely broken & it cannot be fixed). The police there was really helpful & addressed the situation promptly. I had to wait for the whole night & then at morning time (around-4 am) inspector woke me up & said that they are ready to give five thousand rupee for my mobile loss. I agreed to them & then inspector wrote a compromise kind of letter in Marathi and I Don't Understand Marathi so i asked what it is, the inspector said that nothing to worry about its just that i have held you little responsible for why it started & you are the victim so it doesn't matter anyway. I said okay & returned home & later found out that my left thumb joint has been fractured. And it will cost a pretty decent amount of money accompanied by unbearable pain. So now i am thinking to sue them in court or get money for my treatment outside the court. Points: 1. I was drunk that time 2. I was drinking alcohol at the beach with a foreign tourist. 3. They are guards 4. I signed the paper. 5. Its been 3 days. Many Thanks In advance