DP4 + 498a charge sheet pending since 1 year.

Dear All, My wife filed a false 498a + DP4 FIR case in response to Judicial Separation case. The FIR was filed last year i.e. Jan 2015 and the charge sheet is still pending. Meantime my in laws approach through different person to make compromise and settle my wife back in the house. Simultaneously they have filed maintenance case under crpc125. There is a politician (supports in laws) working in the background who used to interact with us before getting bail from Hon. High Court Odisha. Thereafter he stopped direct interaction, however he is operational in background. 1. Please advice me what can I do to speed up 498a case. 2. The strategy my in laws follow is to delay as much as they could. They filed the following cases 498a => Maintainance => settlements => Maintainance They intend for out of court mutual settlement with wife getting back without any terms anD condition.. However I insist to make settlement in court after they withdraw false 498a case. Please advise. 3. How long can the police keep the charge sheet submission pending? 4. Will police harass me if I apply for quash in High Court? I live in Bangalore whereas the case is filed in Odisha.