Family problem

Hi my name is ashwini. I got married to a guy whosaid he done his diploma, IT QA and stuff. after engagement I said him, m getting forcefully married because of dad health,i need some time to get adjusted with u,he said ok will see that everything later. before marriage also I used tonot talk with him married on sep 2015, n on first nite, I said him, no forcing me plz, will be frnds first, will know each other,adjust n then aftr2yrs will plzn,he was lik no no and finally he kept quiet.Aftr coming blore, due to cab issues,i said his parents I wil go from my home to ofc,and thy aggred. in November I wen there home, few days they were ok. later every weekend I would go my home,which they dint like.1day his mom went native, and he n me were talking and I got to know he dint complete diploma,before marriage whn I asked salary he dint reveal,and tht day when I asked, y dint u settle in life before maariage and he came and hit me, shouted we had a fight. he go office at 10 and come nite 11:30, I go at 6:45am and return 9 to home, hence we don't get time to talk each other,his mom shouted at me, and now all the time she is lie,i dint get saree,gold,I m all time fighting with him,i m not keeping relation with him and stuff, please guide me how should I get out of this. they have cheated me with wrong education, and now thy check whetr I had bath, whether towel is wet and stupid stuff, which is torturing me lot. lease please please help me ,now his mom and he are calling my parents telling m giving back answers to them, not not having sex relation with his son,etc etc. please I want to get rid of this,do I have any solution on this pleaseeeee