50 to 60 years old tenents

Hello Admin i Am Naveen Singh From Hyserabad , i have auto mobile & spaer parts shop 55 to 60 years old my grand father established. my Grand father Dead in 1978 After he dead my father has taken that shop and its ok in 2013 Muncipal corperation Demolished that bulding my father has went to owner house he not respond to my father after demolished in my shop have room also that room is ok not demolished . owner not respond to my father has send a notice to owner from 2013 my father following case . in in march 2015 sudden my father was dead sufferd from heart attack . i went to that owner after 2 months from my father was expire .owner telling me to go to third party which i agreement to that third party i went to that third party also he is not resopnding me so in this situwation i asked my lawer he is telling take some amount from third party and leave it that premises because there is no law for tenents if you want to run the case in court i do but case go to ur owners fevour only kindly help me or sugest me for this case pls