Purchsed Assigned Agri Land and asking to return cash

I have purchased a agri land of 1.2 Acres and Revenue officer said, its Assigned land upon submitting the application for ROR, Pattedar Pass Book. I realize, seller.has hide the fact. Further instigation shows its updated as Patta land in all the latest records including existing Pass book, Pahani, 21 A. Hence, I am confused either to fight with Revenue office and challenge its implementation of sale deed by Registering Officer Or fight with Seller for violation of terms and conditions in sale deed (Clauses of Non-Govt, non-assigned etc). On insistence, seller has returned 30% of total amount and signed a agreement to repay remaining amount in 4 months. My questions: 1. Can I legally fight for getting its Patta Pass Book with Revenue? 2. Can I legally fight with Registering Office for sale deed of Assigned land or Any chances to recover my registration charges? 3. Can I legally proceed against seller in case he fails to repay remaining cash on time? What are the legal points to consider for writ petition? Please advise