Inordinate delay in implementation of supremecourts verdict

Sir/mam.. I am an aspirant of Andhrapradesh public service commission..APPSC has issued group 1 notification in the year of there were certain key mistakes , many aspirants lost opportunity and filed cases in AP HIGH COURT ANS SUPREME COURT.. APPSC CASE HISTORY BETWEEN 2013-2015 FEBRUARY 1.Writ Petition No 2392/2013 AP High Court 2.Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No 25157/2013 , 25209 of 2013 , [deleted] of 2013 in Supreme Court 3.Civil Appeal No . 9140/2013 , 9141/2013 , 9142- 9143/2013 in Supreme Court 4.Review Petition (Civil) No 772/2014 in Supreme Court 5.Review Petition (Civil) No 773-774/2014 in Supreme Court 6.Review Petition (Civil) No 775-776/2014 in Supreme court 7.FINALLY CURATIVE PETITION 8/ 2015 ORDERED REMAINS this is the breif history of the case...though supremecourt ordered for conduction of re-mains ,,there is no any positive step taken by APPSC. till has been 4 years since the issue took place..APPSC is avoiding conduction of exam stating the reason of bifurcation..evenafter bifurcation supremecourt in the curative petition in feb 2015 has ordered for reconduction..Disguised with APPSC Attitude even Contempt Petitioncivil 690/2015 , 691/2015 and Contempt Petition civil (D) 26349/2015 was filed in supreme court..sir/mam ,,we are losing our valuable time and efforts due to these delay made by appsc in reconducting the exam..the listing of contempt petition is unheard till now..can we bring this case to the urgent notice to supreme court??i heard that lunch motion can be launched for immediate solving of problem,,as lives of many aspirants are involved in this,,and many are crossing agelimit,,we need this issue to be solved as soon as possible..please suggest possible ways..(((((Its purely the mistake of APPSC(tspsc has not formed when the nofication was issued) and it should shoulder the responsibility of conducting re-exam..The culprit is not responding inspite of many appeals by the aspirants.ITS NOT FAIR ON THE PART OF CONSTITUTIONAL BODY TO GET INFLUENCED BY POLITICAL DECISIONS AND PLAY WITH LIVES OF ASPIRANTS..IT HAS ALREADY BEEN A HUGE DELAY and it is the right of aspirants to write exam))))))