NRI son wants to make sure he gets his share in property

Hello, I am an NRI settled in US and my parents are settled in Delhi in their own house. My younger brother and his family lives with them. Recently, my parents wanted to make a will dividing the house equally between us. My brother asked around and said that the son who lives with parents should get more like 75%, and other only 25%. When my parents asked me that they could give him 60%, I did not like the idea. I had spent ALL my earnings of 5 years in India and 2 years of US salary on my family - on my wedding, my sister's wedding, my brother's wedding, buys a new car for my parents, paying part of the money in buying the house in Delhi that they live in. Whenever, I visit India, I give my parents tens of thousands of rupees. They never asked for it but I just thought it was my duty to give them some money. On the other hand, my brother only pays half of the monthly expenses in the Delhi house and ofcourse lives in the house for FREE as there is NO rent. We have always bought expensive gifts for them when travelling to India. I feel so hurt that he wants more share in the property, and more for my parents that they ignore ALL that I did for them. My brother doesn't give them any money on a regular basis. Anyways, to make the long story short, upon my refusal for 60% share, my parents wrote a will dividing it equally now. It does have a clause that afther their death, the property cannot be sold for 2 years. I DO NOT HAVE ANY FAITH in my brother. I think that he will NOT give me anything after their death. He is a Chartered Accountant and bribes te Taxation people on a regular basis. He could change the will (not difficult to forge signatures on another piece of paper) and bribe anyone to transfer the property in his name. I wanted to see what options do I have now? I asked my parents that if he can give me my share now, when they are alive (I would even agree to a lower 40% share), then they can write a will nominating him 100% of it. He has refused in doing so, and he has also brain-washed my parents against me. My mom also has lot of jewelery but she didn't mention anything about that in the will. I know he will remove it from the bank locker after them. Please help!!! Thanks, Sandeep Gupta