Jurisdiction in case of nri uk citizens

Hi my wife and myself both are uk citizens.we were indian citizens domiciled in uk at the time of marriage in 2010.we never had our matrimonial home in india for even a day.later in 2014 we became uk citizen (my wife became uk citizen as my dependant) and have separated now in 2015 that too being residents of uk. my wife and me are both residents of uk and working here. recently her parents had come from india and her mother had taken her daughter's power of attorney and with the help of the PA her mother has sent a legal notice to me for return of her jewellery which was already with them.it seems they do not want to give divorce and harries me.though employed she had contributed very little to the running cost of the home for five years which can be proved as she does not have much cash withdrawals from her separate bank account.they have alleged the routine torture etc. even though for five years no complaints were lodged here and we share many happy photos. she got citizenship due to me,and apart from that i had to shift out of my rented place with my personal belongings in london for a month when her parents came from india even though we had agreed for separation. they stayed in our regular rented place and i had to hire a new place for a month to save myself from wrong allegations and undue quarrels and harassment from three of them. my main questions are 1.for giving a power of attorney in india she is not required to be present in india? 2.can one party to the marriage confer jurisdiction on a court in india,when both the partners have never resided there during marriage. 3.do i need to answer this notice of a lawyer. i would also be obliged if you can guide me further in the matter with regards siddharth pandya