Can i claim salary during probation under such agreement

My Indian employer has asked me to sign an agreement on the letter head of the company under which he linked my pay with my performance. is it legal? i am working in indian subsidary of a french MNC as sales Manager. my new country head joined 7-8 months back. due to some issues the attrition rate in our company is very high. when i joined there are 15 plus people working for company but now its only 7-8 including four operations staff. The new country head is very unsupportive and undecisive. Somehow our equation is not good and many times i politely requested him to support me but then i resigned from my company in the month of june however he convinced me to join again on my last day but he also tells me he is not happy with my performance so he is putting me on PIP with targets for the next three month. next month only he decided to give the credit of a big order generated in my territory by me to my west counterpart. i opposed the decision instantly and asked him to give me the credit. however later i submitted to him and started concentrating on my working. somehow this hit me and i missed the three month target. in oct i again resigned as i have a very good offer in my hand. on my last day he again convinced me to work for company as freelancer. i denied then he proposed me to sign an one page agreement on the company letter head stating that if i do this much of target i will be paid this much money. the targets are unachievable by anyone in the company but he convinced me to sign this one pager agreement which also states that in case if i didnt achieved the target no money will be paid to me.however as i told him that i will not work as an independent consulant so he agreed to keep me as an employee on probation. Again he starts harrashing me by his unsupportive attitude so in the month dec i told him that i cant work under this circumstances so please either relieve me or support me. he silently barred my company email id and asked me to leave without any pay. however he releases me a relieving letter which states that i worked with them till 11th January. Can i claim my pay legally.