Wife and her family torture

Hello sir iam a doctor working in govt sector, I got married 3yrs ago,from day of marriage my wife suspect me that i hv relation with my sister daughter despite i told her many time she s like my sister but she keep on torture me with this,i had not taken any dowry but she and her family alwys threten me that thy will gv complaint,she would hv stayed with me probably 30days in last 3yrs.she told directly if my parents are there with me she wont come iam the only son how can i leave parents at old age.they put panchayat frequently with ppl known to them without knowing truth thy will just use so much abusing words,in fact she openly told in her hostel she will put domestic violence case,i work approx 14to16hrs per day fr cancer children but this is going. Tobe too much torture for me infact one of their known person called over phone and he was telling im not eligible fr family life and he was scolding me with all bad language.how can tolerate all these i hv much more bcos time connstraint im not typing kindly help me what todo,im fed up with life pleses sugfest me.