Insurance claim of husband if wife passed away

Sir , i hav a query plz clarify & if possible mail me answer my email [deleted] I need your opinion on the rights of legal heir in the following case – 1)A (husband) and B (wife) marry. Two years after the marriage, B expires (without leaving a will). A and B have no children. Is A (husband) her sole legal heir? in this above case how property distributed if A & B have children? 2) Life Insurance - B (wife) has life insurance. B has nominated her mother in all of them and does not change the nomination post marriage. in this scenario Insurance company says that they will pay the insurance sum to B’s mother. Isn’t A (husband)? 3) PF and Gratuity – B’s mother is again the nominee. She would receive the money. 4) B’s salary account - B’s mother is again the nominee. She would receive the money after the final settlement from office. 5)can v ask for rejected & accepted claim details from life insurance companies under RTI? if not wher do v get that data in order to safeguard ourself from rejection of life insurance policy from company in future? As far as my understanding, a nominee is only there to ‘receive’ the money and should distribute the money to legal heirs (Husband in this case)? Thanks from shivaraj