Fraud case against wife and her family

Hi All, My wife left my home after three days of marriage . Marriage not conummated due to her non wish in intercourse. I am already filing for marriage dissolution on the grounds of marriage non consummated under section 10 (vii) of christian marriage act. Apart from this the girl and her family members cheated me and my family by sending to me the fake job offer to her that she previously held and I have audio proof with her after mariage that she worked in two companies previously but she don't have any kind of documented proof related to that. But she strongly argues that she worked in documents without any documents , not even bank statement , epf, payslips, form16 . So I came to know that her work experience was fake and bio data kept in matrimonial site was fake. I understoood she never worked in IT totally and she has send me offer letter faked by her. Now, I really want best advise from you , how can a file case against my wife in regards to her cheating as a revenge act apart from marriage and divorce law. Police refused to take this case saying that this will not come under cheating. I want to file a case against in court, please let me know the scope and also petition subject I need to file for court.