Can law help in maintaining swach bharat

For the last few weeks some of the people in our locality are facing a problem that waste water mainly from two houses is flowing on the road. these water is mainly from unregistered lodges and multi storey buildings having tenants which are located in our lane. as there is no proper drains the sewage water and other waste water keeps on flowing from one side of the road to other. to ply on the road people living beyond these draining houses have to step in through these water. these people have refused to take any measure and said they will continue to drain these waste water on road and if you dont like it get a proper drain constructed. the water is getting accumulated in a unused land can i file a case against these people who are draining waste water including sewage on the road and which is accumulating in a unused land near our house ? can i file a case against unregistered lodges operating in the area keeping in mind that these people are criminal minded ? can law help us in this regard ? what should be our next step ?