A notice is received from a lawyer in the name of my mother on behalf of my father's brother for partition of family house that exist in the name of my grandfather(father's father). My father is not alive, and this family property is in possession of my father's brother for last 44 years. Our family lives in a different place. Actually problem is this uncle(father's brother) occupied the property for 44 years without giving any benefits to us. No rent or no assets has been given to us.All the family assets, vessels and jewels more than 100 sovereigns were in that house, He solely occupied the property enjoying assets for 44 years, after the demise of our grandfather. Now he wants partition of the property, not mentioning anything about other assets. This family house where he stays was constructed by my father earlier. At the time of partition: Shall we claim rent for his occupation after the demise of grandfather? Shall we claim construction cost for the building of the family house spent by my father? shall we claim value of movable assets, including sovereign value, of my grandmothers ornaments?(now he says nothing is there, but my grandmother had a good collection of movables assets like silver, brass, gold jewels, silk etc) Shall i send reply to lawyers notice myself or should i appoint a lawyer.( my knowledge is lawyer is required to reply only court notice, is it so?) Also it would be helpful if you answer how many years it would take approximately to complete this partition Thanks mala