Can extra evidence submitted in writ for justice

Dear Sir, My grand father purchased some residential and agriculture land in 1961 and 1968. One civil suit was filled by our neighbour in 1985 for residential land. After winning this case in 1997, our neighbour also filled a suit in revenue court for agriculture land in 1998 for declaration and possession of agriculture land. Appeal of civil suit is pending in High court with stay order since 1997. In revenue suit our advocate submitted only four- five documents & two- three months before final hearing but many documents of agriculture land was already submitted in civil suit of residential land but those documents not submitted or referenced in revenue suit (our grand father was doing pairvee of the case now our younger brother is doing pairvee of this case). In second appeal, our advocate submitted many documents in the court but not in proper manner so those documents were not admitted and we lost our second appeal. Now we are going in writ in high court. We have many documents of our favour. Can we submit these documents in writ or reference those documents already submitted in civil suit (pending appeal in high court). We are in possession on residential and agriculture since 1961 and 1968.