Complaints against builder

I need help on pushing the builder to give possession asap, followingare the problems: 1. the radiant builder on a project named Radiant Silver Bell 2 has been delaying the project from August 2015 till date 2. they are still not giving the flat for initiating woodwork and asking for maintainence charges and OC charges before permitting on the woodwork, they are forecasting the possession to be done by march 2016 end and quoting the price to be 2.5 INR / sq ft, with basic amenities (one lift across 76 flats, no swimming pool, parking operational) and are not ready to give anything in writing 3. the quality of wood and other fitting used till date are not as promised, as they mentioned a word called equivalent in agreement 4. they are never ready to meet up in person at site and send their marketting representatives every weekend who really act rowdy. there are other problems as well, where the construction has many flaws e.g. cracks in walls (apart from air cracks), cracks in beam, window frame and door frame not aligned properly, etc. am really not finding any means to tighten the builder and escalate my concerns thus need help, am a lower middle class person and can not afford rent and emi running for too long, not really sure what to do