Mutual consent Divorce and Time period for Women filing xasw

1.My cousin married in feb 2015 thorough love cum arranged marriage. 2. Her in-laws demanded dowry continuiusly. Her husband repeatedly asked her for giving divorce to him. Even after her father died in October 2015. 3. Now my cousin is living at her mother house since last month. And she is asking for mutual consent divorce with marriage expenses back from her in laws spent on her marriage by her late father. My query is: 1.Can she get marriage expenses(stridhan?) Back with mutual consent divorce through court. Is there any assurance/possibility that she can get money back. What should she do now? 1a) In how many days she can file dowry and domestic violence act? 2. How much possibility is that she can get back her money(stridhan) through mutual consent divorce? (She does Not want to file 498a etc.) 3. In case she and her husband starts living together . what should be the safe points for the lady. Like A. Her mother in law will not demand dowry from her on her sister in law and brother in law marriage.....(her husband younger brother and sister. Even if my cousion and her husband started living together in separate house. B. Can she asks for any compensation money from her in laws if she and her husband live together in another house and not with her in laws. Kindly guide on above points keeping in view of the following:- 1.if divorce happens ...she shoyld get her stridhan back. 2.if not what shall be the points for my cousion safety security regarding Monterey and violence. (As on at least wo occasions, he has beaten her....) Regds