Need divorce from my husband and come out of relation

Respected Sir/Mam, I am a muslim women, legally wedded to NRI man residing in Saudi arabia. It's been 7 years for my marriage and i have a baby boy who is 4 years old. I have just been with my husband for hardly around 2 years in the whole 7 years of my marriage. I have been to Saudi twice. In my last 7 years my life have been more than a hell. It was an arrange marriage through marriage bureau and here's how it all started: 1. He lied about education (SSC and am a doctor by profession), age (he is 15 years older than me), about his family (where her mother ran with her lover leaving behind 5 childrens) 2. He lied that he has applied for home. 3. By sitting in Saudi, he calls up at night and asks us to show our children on internet and sit with him just so he could see him for hours or even more without even talking to me. 4. For the the last 3 years, we havent spoken to each other. 5. Whenever he comes to India, he would bring either someone from our colony or goons and threatens us of the consequences. Once we even filed a NC with local police. 6. Even when i was with him in Saudi, he would ask me to skip lunch/dinner, would not talk to me, has twice left me alone on the street, he would always doubt whom am talking to, why am i singing and so on. 7. He threaten me saying that if i dont leave with him, he is not going to give me divorce and would show us the court. I went to muslim personal law board and asked for Khula (divorce according to muslim law) where the board asked him to be present as well. Instead of being present in front of board, he filed a petition with Family court to keep me. I am without a penny for last 3 years and my dad is retired man. I dont want to further stay with this man and i want to get rid of this relation. Can somebody please help me in knowing: 1. What action i can take now? 2. Is there any law or petition that i can file against him? 3. What would be the consequences of the petition that he filed? 4. Can i move to Session court to file Divorce or session court would redirect to family court?