Status Quo on property position

There is a property under litigation where I have won both in district ans session court and I have applied execution wherein the registry has already been done after payment but the possession is stil with the other party. Before I could ask for possession from the court, the opp. party appealed in high court. The case has not been admitted yet but the judge passed following orders on 21.07.15: Since some doubts have crept in in the mind of this court while drafting the judgment, the case was put up for re-hearing in order to clarify and to avail greater assistance from the parties. Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Advocate appears for PUDA and prays for some time to take instructions from PUDA as to what justice demands and how should the court deal with the suit property in the totality of facts and circumstances of the case. Amount, if any, deposited in court pursuant to the decree shall not be disbursed till further orders. The executing court is directed to deposit the amount in the fixed deposit so that it runs recurring interest so that it does not cause prejudice to either party. Post for arguments on 03.08.2015. In the meanwhile, it is directed that status quo with respect to the property will be maintained till further orders. So basically the judge put it on status quo. Now as the roaster was changing, 2 dates later he passed following orders: The case be not treated as heard or dismissed in view of rehearing order dated 21.07.2015. Consequently, the matter will be heard afresh on merit. List as per roster. So my question is that according to above order, is the status quo over or is it still prevailing? Pleae let me know asap. Thanks