Demolition without Intimation.

Hello, I live on the first floor of a three storey building in Chandigarh. Suddenly today we got mobbed by three JE and a band of MC laborers who claimed to be under the orders of SDO to have building violations removed that were present on the top floor. Even though I don't own the top portion I still sustained collateral damages due to debris falling after their reckless demolition drive. No notice was issued to the current owners of the building, myself included, in advance nor were we given a copy of the demolition documents. The officials on sight refused to give any more information or clarification apart from the fact that the drive was ordered via DC>SDM>SDO, and they continued the drive well into the night past 7. The ground floor owner filed for stay orders from the court but SDO/SDM simply disregarded it. Is this kind of government strong arming legal? Even though I intend to file an RTI for details, I still could use some legal tips if they continue damaging the building come tomorrow. Thank You. Kind Regards, Vikalp Sharma