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I got married on 2 May 2015 and on 4 th Fay of my marriage my wife confessed of her affair which was needed up just few days ago of our engagement in Jan 2015. Actually in my marriage her parents Did not arrange any. Comfort for my family like no one was there to welcome us. No one there to guide us where to coke or go. With help of our common relatove we manage there. My mood was not ok on that day so I was not talking to her up to 3 days of. Marriage. Enterested on talk with me. She was talking happily with my family but not with me. On fourth day of my marroage she came to me and suddenly open my loose pant and started sucking. Doing oral sex. I was shocked and asked her to go away. That night o didn't sleep n o cried. And.upset for hours. After morning. I asked my brother regarding this. He told me tp ask her frankly that what is this amd hpw dp u know all this. Very next day I asked her about her affair and knowledge of sex. She confessed after continue negative reply and luckily I iv record all this. Also she was used to watch porn videos in beauti parlors. She was ij affair with her neighbour man and it was her big mistake as she. Said to me. See i was not gettong anger if she told me before marriage butbshe did.not tell ke anything before marriagen. We went to Diu once before marriage and thete she was looking at nude boys constantly but i ignored tht as i thought it was ky doubt only. But after her oral sex forvefully I realloze tht this girl is out of line and migjt hv affairs. She confrssed infront of my family and her family also. We asked.her send her back her hoke and.they took her with them on 7 th fay of ky marroage. We had no physical relation during 7 days. After 4 month they filed case for.domestic violance against my whole family. Case in court now. Ibwould like to.ask ..9 1 how much amount I ll.hv to pay her if m net earning is 38000. I hv home loan.of.rs2200000 and my emi is 22000 so total amoint I hv is 16000. 2 I don't have any. Propety except this flat 3. Can i file divorce now or I hv to wait for one yeat. 4. I will win this case what can I charge against the 5. Can i file vase of cheat as she was not marry because of her affair. 6. Can i also claim money of marriage like.burr family. Pls guide. Me sir.