Harrasment by in-laws

I got married 11 months ago. I've 2 sisters-in-law. Both are in my home even after their marriage. They both have children. My husband hided the thing, that my sisters-in-law live life long in that house. My husband told me that their sisters used to give idea on how to torture me. My mother-in-law always used to take control of her son and my husband didn't care for me. He used to run from home very often, and my mother-in-law says"I asked my son to go".My father-in-law used to tell my parents, that they've to forget me, and they don't have any rights even if my in-laws do anything. If my parents ask anything regarding this, they threaten me and my parents, " if you want your daughters life to be in safer zone, you need to shut up, otherwise take your daughter with yourselves".So, we both lived in chennai, and my duty is to give Rs.16000 per month along with cooking.Suddenly one day he told, that he wont live with me anymore and left me.I think everyone cheated me in this marriage, and my husband filed divorce against me.Shall I file complaint against DV ?