Harassment by mother in law and husband

Hi, my marriage life is in trouble totally. I got married 15 august 2015, i came to know about my husband affair from the next day onward and advised my husband to leave that girl and start a new life with me. He said okay to me but he didn't stop actually i remained silent but didn't take it as an issue. After one month i came to know that im conceive but my MIL(mother in law) asked me abort my child and come. My parents told them not to abort child but she asked me abort first and enter into her home. Even though im not interested i aborted my first child. she didn't even bother about my health that time. After three months in his absence i lifted her call but she refused to talk to me. I warned her and her father not to contact my husband but they didn't listen to my words. i even told to my 'in laws' but they didn't take my words. During marriage they said my son is doing several business but he was jobless. they demanded 5.5 lakhs dowry 50 k for sister in law and gold. Meanwhile my husband brother in law expired due to kidney failure she said that because of my astrology he died. My husband affair going one side and MIL harassment going another side. again i got conceive this time i didn't listen to MIL words i came to my home to stay with my parents till five months, doctors advised me to take rest as my pregnancy bag was week. During my fourth month of pregnancy my Sister in law expired in road accident i went to see that time my MIL law shouted on me that bcoz of my astro she lost her daughter and son in law. so i came back to my home again. during fifth month i have to return to my husband place but she bought her second daughter family into home and vacated all my clothes. my parents asked me to remain silent till delivery so i stayed along with my parents. On august 27th i got blessed with boy baby. my husband affair became strong with my in laws now they dont want me my baby is five months old. please advice me.