Third Party Application and withdrawal of case

1. I have applied with the lower court to become the 3rd party in a running civil suit - the court has accepted the application. 2. My suit is both against plaintiff and the defendant. 3. The plaintiff, who is my brother filed the case with fraudulent and forged and documents, without my knowledge with the intention to deprive me of my rights of ownership and get the judgment in his name. 4. After my application for becoming the 3rd party he has submitted the reply with utter false statements. 5. Since I have some documents, which when produced in the court, will weaken my brother's stand in the court and against the defendant, in the very next hearing he has filed an application with the court requesting for withdrawal of the case. 6. Apparently my brother has made some compromises with the defendant. 7. In the present state of affairs, I do not want the court to let him withdraw the case. Please guide what can be done and how matter should be presented to the court to get a favourable decision. His withdrawal will be of no benefit to me. Your guidance will be a great boon to me. Best regards, Fazal Husain