Do daughters can claiming equal share in joint family property?

My grandfather has 6 children 3 males and 3 females. We have ancestral joint property(house and open land) which is not yet distributed. My grand father died in year 1985 and grandmother in 1996.Due to some personal issues my father's elder brother(has no legal heirs) and younger brother colluded and has filed a partition suite. Later the three brothers compromised and want to settle the matter by giving some part of property to 3 sisters and divide the remaining equally among 3 brothers. But the 3 sisters are not satisfied with this settlement and claiming for more if not they will contest in the court for equal share. Since the partition suite was filed by my father elder brother, Can he withdrew it? Will the suite still continues if my father elder brother withdraw it? Does the 3 sisters have the right for claiming equal share in the joint family property? Can the 3 sisters still contest in same case even if the petitioner withdraw the suite? What are the chances of getting equal share if they filed another suite on the joint family property?