Mental harrasment by mother in law

Hello My name is shuchi.i got marrid after one year relationship with all family members consent.but after one or two weak my mother in law started letting me down as if i am was unwanted in the house.i mostly ignore because i am a govt employee and come home after i ignore mostly.she critisizes me in each and everything.she says this is my home .u get out of my house.its been three years of my marriage.firtly she tried to create misunderstandings between me and my husband.but she did not succeeded.she always shouts on me.whethr she is in the or in the road.i feel very husband agrees with me in every situation so now mil started quarreling with him also.she says get out of my house or give me brother in law is lawyer so they both threatened us to get out of the house othrwise will take legal husband posted in rajasthan and come home aftr two weeks.i am completey mother in lawis very feelingless.she wants me to b puppet of her.i m employed but i can not buy things of my own choice.she starts shouting.i can not do even any thing of my choice not even eat.what to do.i got miscariage aft three months pregnancy due to stress.i want to do fanily planning again but i m afraid of losing it again due to stress.pls suggest.