Mental harassment by in-laws

I Have been married on May 2015. All the time I have been trying to adjust with my stepped mother- in- law (Real mom of my husband had been died before 15 years and father in law got married again within the same year) & sis-in-law (also step)...... My husband has one real elder brother who is also living apart from my in laws because of the same reason we are facing right now. My father-in-law also live always out of the city because of his job. Ours was a love marriage. I am from u.p.Initially my mother -in -law used to throw me out of my own house for no reason& my husband tried his best to handle the situation but mother in law always presented the situation to father-in-law in wrong way and he is also against us.This went on for 3 months and after that we had to live apart on rent in the same city.I thought they needed time to accept me in their family.During those days my husband used to misbehave with me. His mother and father always demanded for my salary as well along with my husband's salary and i had to beg in front of them. As soon as i said NO to give them salary they started torture me. I am working woman. But the same problem occurs anytime now as well. My in laws still try to torture us any how. Sometime they demand for money because they spent on our marriage. My husband and brother in law says they will have to do whatever their father and mother-in-law will ask them to do. As his father warn them that we will divide his property in 4 parts. 2 for his sons (My husband and brother-in-law), 1 for step sister and 1 for step mother. But some times he says that he will not give anything to his sons. All he will give to his second wife (step mother of my husband and his step daughter) and because of this situation my husband and brother-in-law stays quiet that their future may be in risk. But I am damn sure in any situation that father will not give anything to sons. He just think about his second wife and daughter. I don't know what's wrong with my father in law. He just do what mother in law says. All the property my father in law have, he didn't brought anything himself, those all were of my husband's grandfather's property. I want to take action against mother in law because she always do anything wrong with me without any reason as she know my husband will have to follow my father in law and father in law always do what she want. Now is there any way so that I can take action against my mother in law without harming my husband's point of concern regarding property? Right now we are in Mohali but all property is in Haryana. Thank You