Divorce case

Married 2003 and from 2005 my wife make sense in my home. his father took her from my house with support of his sister husband working (S.I. In tamil nadu police) and running to his memorial Home and staying 2005 to 2007 (1 Year 11 Months). His relative came for talking with us and requested. Due to that we allow her in my house after stayed for 2 month. Again her mother made phone call. her Mother came to my house making sense look my wife with her to her memorial Home. stayed for 1 1/2 years. I send lawyers notice. after one month her brother brought my wife to my house. and stayed for 2 months. after 2 months my wife father and brother went to police station given faulty complaint against me. i informed the police Inspector about they are misusing in my house. from 2003 to 2010. police warranted my wife to live with me. they repeated giving compliant against me different police station 7 times. then i went to commissioner of police. they are misusing my house. Commissioner warranted and given advise to my wife. after commissioner of police advice going to women police station giving compliant against me. In Women police station given warring to wife. again your wife and wife family members making sense in your home go to court file divorce case. I file the divorce case 2012 till case is running. I paying the maintenance charge monthly Rs. 3000/- i am paying to my wife & female child. she has not attend the 4 times earring put ex parties, judge send for mediation there i told hereafter i can't live with her so kindly get me divorce . she asking 15 Lakhs and property share. Eg. To her relative she tell i will not live with my husband, but court she says i live with husband to the judge. what will be the result case is going 2 years. P.Poovazhagan