We have a industrial property belonging to my a partnership firm. The firm has 4 partners My dad and three of his brothers. The property however was leased under a commission agreement by another brother of my dad in 2008, under a commission agreement. My uncle who leased the property is not the owner / or the property is not in his name. He rented the property under a commison agreement and for only 2000 sqft in 2008, and since then was receiving the rent in cash/ cheque until june of 2015, that's when we went and requested the renent to empty the place. However the tenant now is occupying around 2000 sqft of shed and 8000 sqft,open area space and is refusing to empty our place. The rent he is paying is only 10,000/- per month and is now not vacating. We went to the cops but the cops took money from him and in turn actually filed an FIR against me and my uncle.What should we do. We knew all along that my uncle had rented the place, and we don't want our uncle who has signed the papers to be in trouble. We have giving the guy a notice to vacate too, which as per the commission agreement was a 30 day notice. The commission agreement was valid for 11 months from 2008, and has not been renewed since then. Please advice