Take him back to my house,or break this marriage.

I have many audio recordings in which my wife abused me using foul language. .My wife abusing me before my relatives, etc., Also i have my wife's Audio Clips in which she Saying me as Mad Man, some other Abusive words.My Marriage Was On 30-4-2015.Now My marriage Reached @ the Status Of Broken.At this Time,On [deleted] She Brings rat killer poison To Kill Me.And Before Marriage When I Talked Her She was Ready to Live Me For Life Time , Now My wife telling me that she is going from home forever and I should not come to see U ,my Mothers In law Was Good Lady Before And After marriage She Dont Want me As Son In Law. My father Call My Father In Law For Send There Daughter ,All This Was Small Fight B/w Your Daughter And my Son Rejoin Again ,But They Don "t Take Phone Calls of Me Or my Father .My Father Want Piece But My Father In Law Wants Fight. All these Local Person or Samaj (Social Activists) Saying Don"t Sit Or See What They Do Just Go home Of law Place Of son just Compromise. Before Marriage I was Good Person After My Wife Said At home That I bits Her.I have Also prove Of My wife Phone call details That Before Marriage She talked with some Other Guy/Boy .At Last I want her Back But she Don"t wants me, Please Give me Good Suggestion Or Precautions To take him Back To my home Or Break This marriage . Please find :- Note-I Have These Type Of Audio Recording . 1.Poison Carried by her. 2.Her Brother is saying to make case of Dowry On Me,case Of rape by Me. 3.Saying Abusive Words my Mother-In -law And Brother In law. 4.My Father- in -laws Saying Bad words To me And Mother. 5.Prove Good Person Before Marriage. 6.Prove Of my Phone call Details that they Don"t Accept my phone,Or Never Call Me. 7.Prove Of My Wife Saying me Mad,loser,Abusive language One Of best Prove Is that my Wife Saying She Is A Prostitute Girl .