Domestic violance case

I am jain lady i have filed 498 case in gujarat navsari court, after filing the FIR my family member run away with my children by the time i came from police station. and they took them to jaipur rajsthan which is not the place where as a single female i can fight for them. then my rented house where i was staying, my family member came in absence of me and changed the lock for that i did FIR for changing the lock on unknowns after that police did not allowed me to enter in my house for 10 days nor they opened the lock they tried to search the culprit and after investigation they found the lock was tempered and replaced by my husband. the police put that case / FIR to c summery and closed the file, during same time i did the domestic case also for harassment. in that condition my husband bail was not cancelled so i gave the application to dist court for cancellation of bail but application did not came for hearing for two years and then it was rejected by court. since four year my maintenance and domestic case is pending, after few months my in laws put the pressure on my parents and they came to my work place and did violence to put the pressure on me to withdraw all cases on my in laws. i did the FIR on my parents who got pressure from my in laws. but at the same time my parents did the counter complaint on me and my office people for giving them injuries and police arrested me and my co workers two of them are the witness in my some cases. after this my witnesses are afraid. what do i do for justice.