Husband want to divorces

My self Ragib shahid got my wife from social media Facebook we got married at her native place Ranchi with my parents consent anyhow my parent accepted her . Two months passed As if was yesterday all us was happy she use to call her parents what advice she got she started demandig money like ,2000/ 5000/ then she said you to give 500/ daily Sir I'm doing Small business with my father how can meet her demand of this hefty amount So she started misbehaving shouting scream ing and warning me that if my demand are not met I will put all of you behind bars she even attempt suicide Once we called her parents they'd that she will OK One day she ran away to the police station to file complain against me but the matters was resolved by local people Then said now I will take you r parents to PS I had quarrel she started misbehaving and abusing me my parents I can't to tolerate so she asked me to take to her native place I took there. Now my life is miserable I want to Divorce her Please help and a device