Rental Agreement- Lease

Dear Sir, I am doing business from 2009 to till date, in shop on rental basis for 3 years agreement. in agreement they wrote 20% increase on rent rate in every year. but owner said in agreement written 20% but you increase and pay 5% only. but after one year he said 20% increase and pay as per agreement and demanded. and he din't give any receipt, and new agreement can't gave to us, here shop rent is Rs 6300 (135sft in cellar + main road face) rent per month. its now i am paying Rs 13500 every month, as per 20% increase till, now he demanding increase Rs 18000 per month other wise vacate shop this month. in our surrounding as per sft it double compare to other shops. actually rent max is Rs 8000 /- but our customer continuing this address and i don't have other shop available in our surrounding. i requested and prayed to him he doesn't care and demanding to vacate shop. every day calling and come to my shop same demanding and our business disturbing. 2days back our friend advised to put case in court, i consult a lawyer he advised there is no receipt giving to you till, if he raises this point court will ask him prior 3 months why din't give notice to me. and the court final gave oreder STATUS QUO, I request what further proceeding will be happen and what can i do, what is status quo ( same status as it is continuing until court orders) Please kindly let me know further happen and what can i do. Thanks for your kind information Kumar email: [deleted]