Restitution of Conjugal Right

Hi, I am a 33 years old working professional from Kolkata, WB currently residing in Pune, MH. I was married to my long time girl friend in January, 2012 after a courtship of nearly 8 years. After about one year of our marriage I had to shift to Pune for employment purpose. Initially it was not firm that I am going to stay for longer period in Pune. Therefore I started to live alone here. My wife used to frequently visit me. Later, when it became clear that I have to continue living in Pune I started asking my wife to spend more time here in Pune. She is a single child to her surviving parents and hails from a rich business family. From the last 7-8 months I am suffering from severe depression and want my wife to come and stay with me. I made several attempts but failed to convince her. She has clearly said that it's not possible for her to get shifted to Pune. Due to some reasons, she is not even visiting my home in Kolkata (where till few months back she used to stay for 4-5 days of a week). She's not even taking care of my parents to whom I am also the single child. My wife has issues with my monthly savings capacity and feels that our future is financially unstable. She has concerns over my capability of 'maintaining' her. In a situation like this, I am getting pissed off with the current status and either want her to come and stay with me or to leave me'. But she's not agreeing on any one of the option and lingering the relationship. She's staying with her parents and doesn't feel about my loneliness or depression. According to her, these are 'childish'. I heard of restitution of conjugal rights Sec. 9A of HMA. I don't know how far that can bring us together. Requesting for professional advise.