Wife petition u/s 9 Hindu Mrg Act & i don't want to live with her

I have been married from February 2015 and it was a love marriage, girl was from Chandigarh a big city compared to my smaller city in Punjab. I made her and her family very clear that i can't move to Chandigarh after marriage, she and her family agreed before marriage. From day 1 she didn't like my parents and it was her hidden planning that she will take me with her to Chandigarh after marriage. She tried her every effort to force me to move Chandigarh and when she failed, she got depressed and tried exchanging abusive language and sarcastic comments to me and my family. She even tried suicidal attempts on her and tried to tarnish our family's reputation in neighbor's ( with the planning of her sister who has done LLB ) by shouting and crying loudly saying i want divorce from me and later she mocked about my family with her sister that i did this thing and my husband and his family got afraid and got tensed. upon my dad's request so many times her parents came and took with her without listening to my part and being her father in police department they registered police complaint on my all family members by name that we are mentally torching her & asking for dowry, in that complaint she wrote i don't want want any action right now and will process my complaint later. Now my trust with her has breached and i don't want to live with her at any cost. Earlier her family got agree on some amount to take the mutual divorce but now she has filled petition in Chandigarh District court u/s 9 of Hindu Marriage Act. She has blamed my parents for the reason she left me and my parents has nothing related with our relationship, even they live separately on 1st floor. I have all the Proof's which clearly shows her intention was not to live here and she wanted to took me off with her to Chandigarh. I have hearing regarding this case in February 2016 in District court Chandigarh. Please help what should i do ? I am very clear i don't want to live with her at any cost.