Adverse police verification report sent to PO

Hello Sirs, I had applied for re-issuance of passport (as it was approaching expiry date) in July 2014 and was allotted a new passport on Aug 24, 2014 after all the formal protocol. Unfortunately, at the time of post Police verification I was not present at my residence but was at office (in the same town). My brother greeted the police personal and informed him about my whereabouts. Afterwards, I got a letter in April, 2015 summoning me to the regional passport office (Lucknow) seeking clarifications. The summon further commands to surrender the new passport (as per the passport office records, there was an adverse police verification report stating that I did not resided on that address for the stated period) and provide with substantial proofs for the same else they would impound my passport . As a matter of concern, I have moved to Mumbai now (since Feb, 2015 working for a Pvt Ltd company). I've been left in a soup now not knowing how to deal with the issue. At the time of submitting the application for renewal I was in Kanpur (my hometown) working there for a company from April, 2014 till Jan, 2015 Also, I tried checking on passport India website the status of my application, which reads new passport dispatched but to add to it there's a show cause notice against my application. Show Cause Notice Letter Reference Number SCN Type SCN Issue Date ** SCN/303678516/15 PVR Review [deleted] SCN Status Status Updated On*** Letter dispatched from PO [deleted] Applicant Reply Received On (if any)**** I would be highly helpful if anyone of you could guide me with your expertise to get it resolved without hassle. Regards