Partion deed between brothers inherited property from father

We two brothers inherited property(house) from my father who has executed will.allotting one floor each (ground and first floor) .since the house was too old we brothers decided to create new house property in the same land through development contract by private builder.with agreement of 54% to the tdeveloper and 46% to us.thus six flats were built and the developer has sold his share to others. to our share we got 3 flats.(the developer has consented to give his part in the 3rd flat for agreed money and given the possesion of 3rd flat in finished condition).we are residing in these flats since 2006. The clarification sought is the following. How to register our 3flats in our names.(1 flat each between us and remaining flat has been taken by me after compensting my brother suitably). How much will be PARTITION DEED cost. hOW TO CREATE NEW PROPERTY DOCUMENT FOR EACH OF THE FLATS whether we need a partition deed or family settlement. . Will there Be any LINK DOCUMENT requirment.(because the flat is new we are resinding at Hyderabad.Telangana State. I.Gopinath. age 66yrs.