Physical and financial abuse by husband.domestic violence n dowry

Hi,i got married in india in 2014,husband's family took a few lakhs during marriage as dowry (have the proof as the money was transferred online) and demanded for an expensive marriage. marriage expenses were around 50lakhs,spent entirely by my parents. after marriage husband forced me to leave my job in india,came to US with him.and since then he had been physically torturing me and taking all the money that i used to earn in the US (have the proof as the money was transferred online). all this continued for over an year,when he suddenly started abusing,mentally and physically , a lot and forced me to leave him n go back to india to my parents.recently he got very violent with me n started breaking things around the house,because of which i had to call police,to save my own life. police filed a report and i have its copy. since then he is living seperately. i am still in US and now i want to go back to india to my family and file charges against him to get him arrested and get all my money back.get divorced and get out of this painful life. how should i go about this? and what can help me to make my case stronger ?