Violation of Fundamental Rights

In an execution petition against residence relief awarded to wife under PWDV Act. The Trial Court of Ld. MM Ms Vandana Jain, Karkardooma Courts, Delhi held me guilty u/s 31 PWDV Act and send me to jail without adopting due process of law i.e. complaint, without FIR, without even initiating any trial required under the law/rules. When appealed, the Session court released me and remanded back the case for reconsideration of the further need of section 31. The Ld. MM then passed an order to lodge an FIR against the husband. Again when appealed, the court of session set aside that order and again remanded back the case to decide the case as per law. My plea is that for non compliance of the residence order, I can not be convicted twice for the same offence. The case is pending adjudicating in the trial court. My question is that my fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of India have been violated for thrice. How can I file a case to get compensation for the same under article 32 of the Constitution of India?