Leave and licence agreement

I have taken the residental property on Leave and licence for period of 24 months its heavy deposit with no rental only maintenance and utility bills ahs to be paid my me. Brief : 1.Before registering the LL agreements we had a MOU while paying the security deposit by cheques and after credit of the same to owners bank account, he has to register the rent areement and then after he suppose to handover the property to my posision but he delayed the resgiteration for 20 days simultaneously the handing over delayed for 45 days due to his personal reason ( we realized later that he is not trust worty). 2. Futher he handover the said flat 45 days late but the soceity declined the access to stating that the owner ( member) has failed to clear his previoues dues hance they asked him to clears the dues before handing over to new tenant and however he managed the by giveing the post dated instruments to soceity which is not cleared till date. 3. After my occupying the flat within one month he send the someone saying my friend wants to see the flat please give him access then i realized that he said property agent to show the flat to other prospective tenent who will pay high security deposit. for the first guy i shown the property then i refused other prospective tenent. Then he demanded me to pay more security deposit which i refused, then i received a defult notice from the financial institution in his favour stating to pay the defult EMI failing they will take the legal action. then he requested me to either pay more deposit or vacat the property. insted of being the the mess and mental haresment I agreed to vacat the property if he pay back me the security deposit. Orally he agreed to pay within 30 days as in the agreement but he keep sending the prospective tenents around 25-30 new tenents visted my property but till date ( Three months) no one fixed for his high demand. nither he heeds his notice period nor my request. he keep harasing me. Please advise how to handle him.