Who has the right on property

My father was suffering from schizophrenia , which was not told by my paternal family at the time of my mother's wedding to my father. Due to constant mental torture and harassment my mother decided to divorce my father. They divorced when I was 5 years old. Which is like 20 years ago. No alimony was taken as dad was mentally challenged and not in job. After the death of my paternal grandparents I visited my father and he is living in a very bad condition there. Dadaji had a will, which we don't know what all it consists of. I don't have his death certificate on me either . my father is 3 brothers. Currently he is living with his younger brother in Lucknow in that ancestoral property . they are not willing to keep my father . dadaji has made my Taaouji the legal guardian and caretaker of my father and I have signed the papers too that I don't mind him being the caretaker of my father. Do I have say in that property ? How to legally proceed in claiming it. Because we were told that dadaji has named it all to my father and after my sign taouji is the caretaker. Do I still get it ?